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You will profit more from this type of lease by weeks or days than the regular long ones. You will also have a higher control over your accommodation.

We guarantee you a professional administration of your accommodation and we can advice you how obtain the best profitability.

Barcelona is set on thousands of foreigners sights, take advantage of your apartment cooperating with us.

We don’t ask you exclusivity, you can work with other agencies too. The only thing that we ask you, it is that you inform us whenever a booking has been made by you or other agencies.

Yes, you have to sign a contract, in which the kind of collaboration will be detailed and which amount you will receive for every booking. With clear collaboration conditions, we both will feel quite and sure.

Barcelona4Seasons offers you 2 contract possibilities:

  • We get the clients for you and you do the check-in and check-out, the cleaning and you charge your part of the booking
  • We take care of everything, you don’t need to worry about cleaning, check-in, check-out and payment.

Barcelona4Seasons will pay you monthly.

The price depends on several features:

  • location
  • accommodation conditions
  • capacity
  • seasons

The condition, decoration, equipment and situation of your accommodation will give as a result a qualification with stars, and the final qualification of your accommodation will fix the price to rent it.

If you need more information, don’t hesitate to contact us and it will be our pleasure to advice you.

Our website is our main publicity, this one is optimised in order to appear in the main internet search engines.

We will also advertise in magazines and newspapers and we send flyers to inform different travel agencies in Europe.

We will make the necessary publicity to obtain a high number of clients for your accommodation.

We know how to reach the client and we have the means at our disposal to please them.

No, you don’t have to pay us anything. We will do the publicity for your accommodation for free. By working with us you don’t have anything to lose.

We will value all kind of proposals about accommodation outside of Barcelona if it is situated in a touristic region.

The accommodations should comply with a minimum number of requirements in order to obtain the quality the client deserves and that Barcelona4Seasons demands as a condition to lease and manage the accommodation.

  • Functional, comfortable and quality furniture
  • Fully equipped bathroom with enough wardrobe or shelves for personal things
  • Fully equipped kitchen for the number of people staying in the accommodation
  • Electrical appliances in good condition
  • Comfortable bedrooms with good mattresses, wardrobe, and night lamp and table

These costs are included in the leasing prices.